Four incomparable Napa Valley wines,
at an exceptional price.

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Washington Post

"The Supple Merlot is quite Saint-Emillion-like, with red berry-nuanced fruit and a soft finish.... the more structured Cabernet Sauvignon's marked with complex cassis and cedar notes ..."


The first releases have been praised by the Washington Post wine critic Ben Giliberti.


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Sauvignon Blanc 2008

"This wine is crisp, rather low in acidity, and light in body. It has grassy aromas with very distinct melon, grapefruit and peach flavors. It is the perfect wine to be used as an apertif. Surprisingly, this wine marries well with pungent foods. It is one of the few wines that will stand up to salads. While New Zealand is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc, our Calistoga Estate Sauvignon Blanc is crafted in that style and will please your palate."

-- Marvin Stirman




   Chardonnay 2008

"When first uncorking the bottle, the nose receives the aroma of apples and pears. Your first taste will confirm that distinctive flavor of apples and pears. No oak or tannin gives this wine an easy, pleasant taste sensation to your taste buds and palate. The aftertaste lingers in the mouth. The balance of acidity and fruit is perfect so it becomes both a wonderful aperitif, and a complement to foods. Perfect with fish, pasta and pork."

-- Marvin Stirman


  Merlot 2008

"This wine is a classic use of the Merlot grape, blended to be magic on your taste buds. A minimum usage of oak gives the wine a wonderful balance of Merlot fruit, and the distinct taste of blackberries. This Merlot will pair well with poultry or salmon, or any full-bodied fish. Close your eyes and you will think you are tasting the wines of France's Pomerol and Saint Emilion regions."


-- Marvin Stirman





  Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

"Very approachable, soft on the pallet. A wonderful hint of wild berries, both in the nose and your first taste. The wine has a perfect balance between acidity and fruit, thus marrying perfectly with meat, cheese, veal, and lamb. But is so easy to drink that you can enjoy it by itself. It has a lovely long pleasant after taste. Absolutely delicious from start to finish. Ready for you enjoy now."


-- Marvin Stirman


Calistoga Estate Wines are handcrafted exclusively with grapes from the incomparable Napa Valley.

Marvin Stirman the founder of Calistoga Estate wines, as well as the preeminent wine club "Les Amis Du Vin" worked with legendary wine maker Harry Parducci Jr. to blend these wines to be soft, full of forward fruit, with no hint of tannin. The predictable result of this royal pedigree are exemplary wines that are defiantly "consumer friendly" and ready to drink.

The famous nationally syndicated wine writers, Karen Page and Andrew Dorenburg gushed, “each one of these unpretentious easy drinking charmers was beautifully balanced. The reds radiantly so, and after discovering each carried a suggested retail price of only $15.00 dollars we were even more surprised."

We are also very proud that our Calistoga Estate wines were recently chosen over a field of worthy competitors to be featured at several official state dinners held at the Vice President’s residence.